How to Schedule Text (SMS) Messages on Android

In this day and age of WhatsApp and Facebook, you would think who actually uses text messages anymore. Well, you will be surprised to know that there is still a huge population who uses text messages to communicate with their loved one. Text messages give you the personal touch that frankly WhatsApp or other instant messaging apps can not. One of the drawbacks with SMS or text messages is that there is no option to schedule a message to send at the right time. There are times when you need a message to be delivered at a certain time, and when that time comes, you forget to send the message. Not sending a message at the right time may have many concussions. There have been many breakups simply because one party forget to text at the right time. If only you could schedule a message, all of these could be avoided. Guess what you can now. In this article, I will show you how you can schedule text messages on an Android smartphone.

Schedule SMS on Android

How to Schedule Text Messages on Android

Most OEMs these days are adding SMS schedule option in their UI. But for most Android users there is no schedule option natively supported. If your phone has the schedule option, then you don’t need to follow this article if you are not among those lucky people to have a schedule option baked into your default SMS app then this article is for you.

Do It Later

Do It Later is one of my all time favorite apps for Android smartphone. As the name suggests, this app lets you schedule stuff for you. It is not just for SMS; with Do It Later you can schedule Email, Phone calls, Twitter and of course SMS.

To schedule an SMS, open the app and tap on the plus icon from the right bottom corner. This option will show all the schedule options like EMail, reminder, Twitter, Phone, and SMS. For this case, we need to select SMS. Now add recipients and draft a message. After that, you can choose when exactly you want the message to be sent. You can also pick a time frame in which the app will pick a random time to send the message.

This app is great for automating many of your messages and social media post.

Download Do It Later from Play Store.

Pulse SMS

One thing that I like about Android is that you can install and replace many of your default apps with third-party apps. I don’t like my default SMS app and to replace that I was looking for SMS app on the Google Play Store. That is when I came across Pulse SMS. I am currently using Pulse SMS app as my default SMS app. This app has many interesting features like web sync, which allows text messages from computers, night mode, link preview, beautiful conversation mode, and more. One such feature is its text message schedule.

After drafting a message, tap on the three vertical dots from the top right corner and then ‘Schedule Message.’ This will bring the option to choose a date and time to forward the message to your selected contact(s).

Download Pulse SMS from Play Store.

These are the two best methods you can use to schedule text messages on Android phone. Again if your default SMS app has this feature, then you don’t need to follow the above apps. You can schedule message without any apps. If any of interested in another article on SMS schedule on iPhones then let me know in the comments. I will write one in the future.

Best Google Chrome Alternatives

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers with a market share of a whopping 60%. It is a great browser, to be honest with all the latest rendering engine and other technology. Also, Google improves the browser by adding other features to make the user experience as smooth as possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are using Google Chrome browser now to read this article. Every great thing comes at a price, and in this, it is our personal data. Google tracks user constantly throughout its platforms, including Chrome, to better serve ads. It has tried to improve its privacy policy in recent time, and still, it tracks and collects more data than its competitors. Google honestly will never stop doing that because this is how Google earns. If you are concerned about your personal data being tracked constantly, there is nothing you can not do than moving to other browsers.

Google Chrome alternatives

Thankfully there are many other browsers which are working day and night to make the browsing experience better while keeping your data private. So, if you have made your mind to change your browser from Google Chrome to something else, then this article will help you choose your next browser.

In this article, I will share a few great alternatives to Google Chrome browser.

Best Google Chrome Alternatives to Browse Internet Privately

1. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is one of the best alternatives to Google Chrome. It is a rare combination of speed and privacy. Firefox offers many features like Google Chrome, all the while keeping your privacy secure. Firefox has ‘Tracking Protection’ feature, which gives your control over your privacy. This feature disables tracking that many websites like Facebook and Google use to track users behavior throughout the browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox also has many Chrome-like features which will help you make your transition from Google Chrome to Firefox seamless.

Firefox is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS platforms.

2. Opera Browser

Opera Browser has been around for many years. It is one of the favorite browsers which offers many cool features. This browser is based on Chromium, which means you can expect many Chrome-like features on Opera as well. One of my favorite Opera features is its Turbo mode. This compress websites to make the website load faster.

Opera Browser

Opera is also good for your privacy as it disables tracking for many websites, including Google and Facebook. Another cool Opera feature is its in-built VPN, which allows you to access regionally blocked websites without paying for premium VPN service. You must use the Opera browser to know how good of an alternative it is of Google Chrome.

Opera Browser is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

3. Brave

Another privacy-centric Google Chrome alternative browser is Brave browser. This browser blocks tracking and ads for websites while giving a good user experience all the while. One of its main feature that I like as content creators are its brave payment. This allows you to donate to a website creator that you regularly visit to compensate for their ad loss.

Brave Browser

Brave browser is an open source project which means all the aspect of this browser is open for anyone to correct. This gives an extra layer of security that you are getting what the browser says without any hidden agenda. This browser has many cool features which will make your day to day online browsing smoother. This browser has been built with privacy in mind, and it delivers the same.

Brave browser is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS devices.

These are all the best Google Chrome browser alternatives that you should try. All these browsers are popular for its privacy features while making the browsing experience better. Which browser do you use, and why you want to switch to another browser? I’d love to know your thoughts.

tvOS 13 Main Features

Apples 2019 WWDC was packed with so many announces. Most announces got huge media coverage, one thing that didn’t catch the attention of most media outlets is the new tvOS 13. Apple has announced a bunch of new features for the tv OS, which in their word will set the “standard for home entertainment.” So as the first article of the Tech-No-Media blog, we are focusing on top tvOS 13 features.

A Brand New Homescreen

Apple tvOS 13 HomeScreen

A new update will make your TV feel more futuristic thanks to the home screen refresh that Apple has promised. The new screen will offer a better recommendation ion not just for you but for all of your family members. I will talk more about multi-user in the next point. The new home screen also brings a full-screen preview, which will dramatically help you to find and choose the right movie, TV shows, and videos efficiently.

Multi-User Support

Apple has finally embraced multi-user support. Once you set up all the users account to your TV, each individual member will see a tailored recommendation on movies and TV series. This personized feed is for every user on a single TV. This is an interesting feature coming to Apple Tv, which will allow different members of a family to access a personalized feed all on the same TV. To switch accounts, you will be using Control Center, which we will discuss in the next point.

Control Center

Apple tvOS 13 Control Center

Control Center on TV is very much like the control center of iOS and MacOS. On Control Center, you can control a different part of your Apple TV. You can search for different movies or TV series, connect different Bluetooth devices, see all the shows or movies you are currently watching and also the ability to switch users.

Support for 3rd Party Controllers

Apple is advertising Apple TV a place for playing games as much as for movies and TV shows. To make that happening, Apple has announced it would support gaming controllers from Microsoft and Sony. That means if you have gaming controllers for Xbox or Play Station, you will be able to connect to the Apple TV with tvOS 13 and play games using those controllers.

New Screensaver

Screensavers are pretty cool. Apple TV already has a great collection of high-quality screen savers. With tvOS 13, the number is going to increase. New screensavers are beautiful and will give your TV a new look.

Apple Music lyrics

Now with tvOS 13, Apple Music will supports lyrics on screen. Apple Music already supports lyrics on iPhone and MacOS, and it is finally coming to Apple Music for Apple TV.

Apple Arcade is Coming to Apple TV

Apple Arcade is Apple’s upcoming gaming subscription platform where you will be able to access games with a monthly fee. Apple has announced that it will bring support for Apple Arcade to Apple TV as well when it launches. This shows how focused Apple is for making Apple TV for gamers.

When Will The tvOS be Available?

Unfortunately, there is no official date on when the tvOS 13 will be launched, but many believe that it will be in September this year.

Apple tvOS 13 will be available for Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.


In our opinion, tvOS 13 sounds promising. We are hopeful that the tvOS will be as grand as its predecessor.