How to Access Unblocked Movies and Music at School

How to Access Unblocked Movies and Music at School

Unblocked movies and unblocked music are a few of the most searched terms by students around the world. Schools generally block entertainment websites, including movies and music sites. They do this to keep students from wasting their time listening to songs or watching movies. The intention is good no doubt in that, but students are students, and they don’t like restriction. For this same reason, students are now looking for ways to listen to unblocked music or watching unblocked movies. If you are a student and also looking for tricks to access unblocked websites, including movies or music.

Access unblocked movies and music from school

How to Access Unblocked Movies or Unblocked Music at School

There are many ways to bypass the restriction and access unblocked websites for movies and music. In this article, we will share a few interesting yet easy to follow guides to access unblocked movies.

1. Unblocked Websites

Unblocked websites are probably the best method to access unblocked movies and music at school. With a simple Google search, you can find hundreds of articles mentioning all kind of unblocked websites. We believe this is the best method to watch an unblocked movie or listen to unblocked songs. How does an unblocked website work? School block websites which are popular and if a website is not so popular, then it is almost certain that those sites are unblocked at school. By using those unblocked websites, you can listen to songs or watch movies from your school.

There are many websites for this purpose. For example, you can find a list of top free unblocked movies on Barcode Hero which you can use to watch unblocked films from school. Similarly, there are also websites where you can find a list of unblocked music websites to listen to songs from school unblocked.

Best Unblocked Movie Websites

Yahoo View
Sony Crackle
Sling Tv

Best Unblocked Music Websites


Just do some basic Google search, and you will be presented with an unlimited list of free unblocked movies and music sites.

2. Use HTTPS

Using HTTPS is another popular way to access unblocked websites. Most school and other places block a site by their HTTP version, and for that reason, if you visit their HTTPS version, you will most probably find the site unblocked. I know this sounds dumb that school would block the HTTP version and leave HTTPS version of the same website, but this is true.

How do you access websites using HTTPS?

Let’s take Spotify as the example here. Generally, when someone has to open, they usually type into the address bar and hit enter. Instead of doing that, add HTTPS before the website URL. So in this example, you have to type and then hit enter. So, if your school is only blocking the HTTP version, then you will be able to access the website by simply adding HTTPS.

3. Use Apps Instead of Website

Generally, school blocks the domain of service to prevent that service being accessed from the same network. You can easily bypass the restriction by using the app instead of the website. For example, you want to watch an episode of Strangers Things, instead of going to, open your Netflix app on your phone. If your school admin has only blocked the website domain then this trick is the best and by far the easiest way to access any unblocked music or movies.

You can use this same method to access services like Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and more. Just install the app beforehand and connect to your school Wifi, and you will find the service working easily.

These are the top methods to access unblocked movies and music websites from your school. There are other ways too to access not just films and songs services; you can use these to unblock any website. There are different ways also, but we believe those are not easy to follow and requires basic to advance tech knowledge. Hope you enjoyed the post. How about a share? We would appreciate your effort.

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