tvOS 13 Main Features

Apples 2019 WWDC was packed with so many announces. Most announces got huge media coverage, one thing that didn’t catch the attention of most media outlets is the new tvOS 13. Apple has announced a bunch of new features for the tv OS, which in their word will set the “standard for home entertainment.” So as the first article of the Tech-No-Media blog, we are focusing on top tvOS 13 features.

A Brand New Homescreen

Apple tvOS 13 HomeScreen

A new update will make your TV feel more futuristic thanks to the home screen refresh that Apple has promised. The new screen will offer a better recommendation ion not just for you but for all of your family members. I will talk more about multi-user in the next point. The new home screen also brings a full-screen preview, which will dramatically help you to find and choose the right movie, TV shows, and videos efficiently.

Multi-User Support

Apple has finally embraced multi-user support. Once you set up all the users account to your TV, each individual member will see a tailored recommendation on movies and TV series. This personized feed is for every user on a single TV. This is an interesting feature coming to Apple Tv, which will allow different members of a family to access a personalized feed all on the same TV. To switch accounts, you will be using Control Center, which we will discuss in the next point.

Control Center

Apple tvOS 13 Control Center

Control Center on TV is very much like the control center of iOS and MacOS. On Control Center, you can control a different part of your Apple TV. You can search for different movies or TV series, connect different Bluetooth devices, see all the shows or movies you are currently watching and also the ability to switch users.

Support for 3rd Party Controllers

Apple is advertising Apple TV a place for playing games as much as for movies and TV shows. To make that happening, Apple has announced it would support gaming controllers from Microsoft and Sony. That means if you have gaming controllers for Xbox or Play Station, you will be able to connect to the Apple TV with tvOS 13 and play games using those controllers.

New Screensaver

Screensavers are pretty cool. Apple TV already has a great collection of high-quality screen savers. With tvOS 13, the number is going to increase. New screensavers are beautiful and will give your TV a new look.

Apple Music lyrics

Now with tvOS 13, Apple Music will supports lyrics on screen. Apple Music already supports lyrics on iPhone and MacOS, and it is finally coming to Apple Music for Apple TV.

Apple Arcade is Coming to Apple TV

Apple Arcade is Apple’s upcoming gaming subscription platform where you will be able to access games with a monthly fee. Apple has announced that it will bring support for Apple Arcade to Apple TV as well when it launches. This shows how focused Apple is for making Apple TV for gamers.

When Will The tvOS be Available?

Unfortunately, there is no official date on when the tvOS 13 will be launched, but many believe that it will be in September this year.

Apple tvOS 13 will be available for Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.


In our opinion, tvOS 13 sounds promising. We are hopeful that the tvOS will be as grand as its predecessor.