How to Access Unblocked Movies and Music at School

Unblocked movies and unblocked music are a few of the most searched terms by students around the world. Schools generally block entertainment websites, including movies and music sites. They do this to keep students from wasting their time listening to songs or watching movies. The intention is good no doubt in that, but students are students, and they don’t like restriction. For this same reason, students are now looking for ways to listen to unblocked music or watching unblocked movies. If you are a student and also looking for tricks to access unblocked websites, including movies or music.

Access unblocked movies and music from school

How to Access Unblocked Movies or Unblocked Music at School

There are many ways to bypass the restriction and access unblocked websites for movies and music. In this article, we will share a few interesting yet easy to follow guides to access unblocked movies.

1. Unblocked Websites

Unblocked websites are probably the best method to access unblocked movies and music at school. With a simple Google search, you can find hundreds of articles mentioning all kind of unblocked websites. We believe this is the best method to watch an unblocked movie or listen to unblocked songs. How does an unblocked website work? School block websites which are popular and if a website is not so popular, then it is almost certain that those sites are unblocked at school. By using those unblocked websites, you can listen to songs or watch movies from your school.

There are many websites for this purpose. For example, you can find a list of top free unblocked movies on Barcode Hero which you can use to watch unblocked films from school. Similarly, there are also websites where you can find a list of unblocked music websites to listen to songs from school unblocked.

Best Unblocked Movie Websites

Yahoo View
Sony Crackle
Sling Tv

Best Unblocked Music Websites


Just do some basic Google search, and you will be presented with an unlimited list of free unblocked movies and music sites.

2. Use HTTPS

Using HTTPS is another popular way to access unblocked websites. Most school and other places block a site by their HTTP version, and for that reason, if you visit their HTTPS version, you will most probably find the site unblocked. I know this sounds dumb that school would block the HTTP version and leave HTTPS version of the same website, but this is true.

How do you access websites using HTTPS?

Let’s take Spotify as the example here. Generally, when someone has to open, they usually type into the address bar and hit enter. Instead of doing that, add HTTPS before the website URL. So in this example, you have to type and then hit enter. So, if your school is only blocking the HTTP version, then you will be able to access the website by simply adding HTTPS.

3. Use Apps Instead of Website

Generally, school blocks the domain of service to prevent that service being accessed from the same network. You can easily bypass the restriction by using the app instead of the website. For example, you want to watch an episode of Strangers Things, instead of going to, open your Netflix app on your phone. If your school admin has only blocked the website domain then this trick is the best and by far the easiest way to access any unblocked music or movies.

You can use this same method to access services like Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and more. Just install the app beforehand and connect to your school Wifi, and you will find the service working easily.

These are the top methods to access unblocked movies and music websites from your school. There are other ways too to access not just films and songs services; you can use these to unblock any website. There are different ways also, but we believe those are not easy to follow and requires basic to advance tech knowledge. Hope you enjoyed the post. How about a share? We would appreciate your effort.

How to Find The Name of a Song Without Knowing The Lyrics

This happens to us all the time, we sitting somewhere or going somewhere and we hear a song in the background playing on the radio or some dude playing from their phone. We like that song instantly and want to listen to that song. But how do we do that? We don’t even know the lyrics that well. And if you don’t know the song name, you can not look for that song on Spotify or other music platforms? This is very frustrating to not able to find a song even though the song was beautiful. What most people do is they try to search for the song from whatever lyrics they could remember. Let’s face it; we are very terrible at remembering lyrics, and often get the lyrics wrong.

If you are ever in that situation and you want to find that song playing in the background, then this article is for you. In this post, I will share some of the best methods you can apply to find the name of that song playing in the background without even knowing the lyrics of that song.

Identify Song Name From your Smartphone

This is very common nowadays to carry a smartphone wherever we go. If we could use our smartphone to find the song name is playing at a public place, that would be awesome. And the good thing is you can do that easily. Here are two popular methods you can use for this purpose.

1. Shazam

Shazam is a music discovery app which lets you track the song that is playing in the background. This app is supported by many platforms, including Android and iOS – two popular mobile OS platform. You can download the app for free from the official app store for Android and iOS.

To find a song name, open the app and tap on the big Shazam button and point your phone towards the audio source. Within a few seconds, Shazam will be able to tell you the name of the song that is playing with the direct streaming link.

2. Google Assistant/Siri

Smartphone virtual assistants like Google Assistant for Android or Siri for iOS are getting better every year. These virtual assistants are now smart enough to help you with many things that you do daily. Now you can ask your virtual assistant to recognize the song playing in the background. Simple commands like ‘What song is this,’ or ‘What is currently playing.’ which activate the mode where your virtual assistant will listen to the song and tell you what it is. For this to work, you do not need to install any app; your virtual assistant is already active on your phone.

Find the Song By Singing or Humming

This is another popular method that you can apply to find a song, especially when you couldn’t use the mobile app for some reason.

1. Midomi

Midomi is an online platform which lets you identify a song by singing for a short duration or by just humming. This is helpful, especially when you don’t know the lyrics, but you can make out what the tune was. By humming, Midomi will be able to tell you what song you are looking for. The system is not as perfect as other methods largely because this engine relies heavily on your input. And we human beings are known to mess up things.

Midomi is a free tool which you can access from or by downloading the app for Android and iOS.

Ask People to Help Identify The Song

Machines, AI, Machine Learning, all these are good, but sometimes humans are what you need to solve. The good old human brain is what will help you find that song.

1. WatZatSong


WatZatSong is a ‘song naming community’ where community members will help you name the song you want to listen so badly. This community is made up of real humans from around the who are interested in songs. Just record a short clip of the song or sing/hum the tune and post in the forum. Passionate music lovers all around the world will try to help you find that song for you.

2. Twitter/Facebook/Instagram

We all use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram every day. These are the best mode to get connected to all the friends and family members. You can use this platform to find the song. You can post a short recording of that song or you humming and if anyone knows the song can help you find the name of that song. The power of social media is not something to undermine. So give this mode of song recognition try and see for your self.

These are all the best methods to find the name of that beautiful song playing in the market. Most of these methods don’t even require for you to know the lyrics. Hope you enjoyed the post. How about a share? We would appreciate your effort.

How to Manually Update Google Play Service on Android

Getting some unknown errors such as “The app won’t run unless you update Google Play Services” while opening a particular app? This is frustrating to be not able to open your favorite app when you need it. At least you are lucky that Google is telling a reason for the app not working. Sometimes Google just decides to not let an app work, and they don’t even bother to give any reason. In this particular case, you know there is something wrong with Google Play Service and that it needs to be updated.

Now the next problem is that updating Google Play Service is not as easy as it sounds. You can not just go to the Google Play Store and click on the update button. Google Play Service is the support service from Google, which runs in the background to prove support for many apps to run. Few system functions also depend on Google Play Service. Generally, Google Play Service get updated automatically in the background, and for that reason, there is no manual update option that you can find easily. For this reason, this small problem becomes a real pain in the a**. So, how do you manually update Google Play Service on your Android to make sure smooth performance on Android?

In this article, we will share a few methods you can apply to force your phone to download the latest updates for Google Play Service. And finally, get rid of that ugly error.

manually update Google Play Services on Androidi

Update Google Play Service From Google Play Store

Did I say earlier that you can not download updates for Google Play Services from Google Play Store? Well, that statement is not 100% accurate. You can, in fact, download and install Play Service from Play Store; it is just that it is not as easy as updating any other apps.

To view Google Play Services, use this link and then log in with the same Google Account you have used on your Android. Now click on the ‘Update’ button if there is any.

If you were lucky, you would see an ‘Update’ button. Just click on that button, and your Google Play Service will be updated.

If you couldn’t find any update button, then don’t lose your hope already. Follow the next method and see if your problem resolves.

Disable Google Play Service

Sometimes due to some technical problems, Google Play Service starts behaving weirdly. In that case, disabling the service and then enabling it back may help you. To disable Google Play Service follow the below steps.

Go to your phone’s setting and then ‘Apps & Notification’ or ‘Installed Apps’ depending on your phone.

Here, under installed apps menu, look for Google Play Services app and tap on that.

Here you can find the ‘Disable’ option. Tap on that button (if you can). The problem is you will most probably find that button grayed out. This is because your phone has granted device admin permission to the app and that can not be disabled.

In that case, you will have to first revoke device admin permission for the app. Follow the below steps to withdraw the consent.

Open your phone’s setting app and go to Security and Lock Screen. Your phone might have a different label for this setting. Just use the search function to locate.

Under the security setting, look for another option called ‘device admin apps.’

Here toggle the switch off next to the find my device.

Now you have revoked the admin permission. Go back to the Google Play Service app and see if the disable option is available.

If it is available, tap on disable and wait for few minutes before turning it back on.

Now restart your device and connect to the internet. Your phone should start installing the updates for Google Play Services withing 15 minutes.

If this step didn’t work for you, then follow the next one.

Uninstall Google Play Services Updates

If disabling didn’t work for you, then it is time for you to uninstall any previously installed updates for Google Play Service. The logic here is that if we uninstall any updates for the Google Play Service, the app will go back to the previous version or factory version. This will force your phone to update the app to the latest version.

To uninstall Google Play Services updates, go back to the Google Play Service app option under installed apps.

Here tap on the three-dot icon at the top-right corner and select uninstall updates.

After uninstalling the update, restart your phone and wait for 15-20 minutes. Your phone will start installing the updates for the app.

These are all the best ways you can follow to force your Android phone to install updates for the Google Play Services. Once the update has been installed, you can see the problem you were facing is gone. If all of these methods didn’t help you to fix the error, then you might want to download updates manually from the internet. This process of downloading from the internet is risky, and we would not suggest, especially if you are not an advanced Android user.

How to Schedule Text (SMS) Messages on Android

In this day and age of WhatsApp and Facebook, you would think who actually uses text messages anymore. Well, you will be surprised to know that there is still a huge population who uses text messages to communicate with their loved one. Text messages give you the personal touch that frankly WhatsApp or other instant messaging apps can not. One of the drawbacks with SMS or text messages is that there is no option to schedule a message to send at the right time. There are times when you need a message to be delivered at a certain time, and when that time comes, you forget to send the message. Not sending a message at the right time may have many concussions. There have been many breakups simply because one party forget to text at the right time. If only you could schedule a message, all of these could be avoided. Guess what you can now. In this article, I will show you how you can schedule text messages on an Android smartphone.

Schedule SMS on Android

How to Schedule Text Messages on Android

Most OEMs these days are adding SMS schedule option in their UI. But for most Android users there is no schedule option natively supported. If your phone has the schedule option, then you don’t need to follow this article if you are not among those lucky people to have a schedule option baked into your default SMS app then this article is for you.

Do It Later

Do It Later is one of my all time favorite apps for Android smartphone. As the name suggests, this app lets you schedule stuff for you. It is not just for SMS; with Do It Later you can schedule Email, Phone calls, Twitter and of course SMS.

To schedule an SMS, open the app and tap on the plus icon from the right bottom corner. This option will show all the schedule options like EMail, reminder, Twitter, Phone, and SMS. For this case, we need to select SMS. Now add recipients and draft a message. After that, you can choose when exactly you want the message to be sent. You can also pick a time frame in which the app will pick a random time to send the message.

This app is great for automating many of your messages and social media post.

Download Do It Later from Play Store.

Pulse SMS

One thing that I like about Android is that you can install and replace many of your default apps with third-party apps. I don’t like my default SMS app and to replace that I was looking for SMS app on the Google Play Store. That is when I came across Pulse SMS. I am currently using Pulse SMS app as my default SMS app. This app has many interesting features like web sync, which allows text messages from computers, night mode, link preview, beautiful conversation mode, and more. One such feature is its text message schedule.

After drafting a message, tap on the three vertical dots from the top right corner and then ‘Schedule Message.’ This will bring the option to choose a date and time to forward the message to your selected contact(s).

Download Pulse SMS from Play Store.

These are the two best methods you can use to schedule text messages on Android phone. Again if your default SMS app has this feature, then you don’t need to follow the above apps. You can schedule message without any apps. If any of interested in another article on SMS schedule on iPhones then let me know in the comments. I will write one in the future.