Best Online Free Clipboard Sites for Easy Text Sharing

Copied something on your phone and you want to paste that on your laptop? We all face situations like these in our day to day device usages, and we only hope there was a better way to do that. Most people, including me, we end up message that text to us on Facebook or WhatsApp to get around this problem. This is something you need once in a month, or so then it is fine but if you need to do that every single day then you get frustrated. So what we do in this situation? Online clipboards. It turned out many people are facing this same problem and to fix that many online clipboards sites have been running. You can take help of those sites to share text between your devices quickly and conveniently. Are you ready to find those free online sites for online clipboards?


This one is my favorite online clipboard site, which I use all the time. It is an online free clipboard site which lets you share text between devices easily. Cl1p or Clip is a straight forward service, which is very easy to operate. To create a clipboard, first, you need to make a unique URL which you can use to locate your shared clipboard. First, create a URL by entering a ceratin string at the end of the URL. For example, you can enter a string like DavidsClipboard at the end of the URL. So, the new URL will become Now enter whatever you like to make a clipboard.

Open the same URL in your other device, in our case; it is Boom, here you will find the text you have entered earlier. It might sound complicated, but trust me, it is not. Give this site a try, and you will know what you were missing.

2. TextSnip

The nest best website for online clipboard is TextSnip. It is just like Cl1p where you can add any text and create a URL which you can use to access those texts from any device. How does this site work? Simply, visit, you will be greeted with a text box where you can add all those texts you want to share with other devices. After adding or pasting texts, click on ‘get my url‘ button. This will generate a short link for you. Type in that short link on any device browser and your shared text will be available there. This is a great tool to share clipboard with any device that supports an Internet and a web browser.

3. Snippi

Snippi is an advance online clipboard tool which you can use to share texts between two or more devices. Just like the above two tools, you can create a clipboard and share the link with other people to access that clipboard on that device. That is not all; it has a few other features which make it different from those above two tools.

  1. You can give your clipboard titles which are missing in the above two tools.
  2. You can set the coding language of your shared text. You can mark with HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, SQL, or simply a plain text to make it accessible.
  3. Last but not least, you can set the expiration of each text you share. You can set 10 minutes, 1 Hour, 1 Day, 1 Month or never.

These are the top online clipboard tools which we use and recommend. With these online tools, not only you can share texts between devices, but you can also do that for free. No need to install any specialized software on your device, simply visit the site and start sharing text between devices. Because these are online-based tools, these can work on any device granted the device has a browser and an active internet connection. Hope you enjoyed the post. How about a share? We would appreciate your effort.