How to Find The Name of a Song Without Knowing The Lyrics

This happens to us all the time, we sitting somewhere or going somewhere and we hear a song in the background playing on the radio or some dude playing from their phone. We like that song instantly and want to listen to that song. But how do we do that? We don’t even know the lyrics that well. And if you don’t know the song name, you can not look for that song on Spotify or other music platforms? This is very frustrating to not able to find a song even though the song was beautiful. What most people do is they try to search for the song from whatever lyrics they could remember. Let’s face it; we are very terrible at remembering lyrics, and often get the lyrics wrong.

If you are ever in that situation and you want to find that song playing in the background, then this article is for you. In this post, I will share some of the best methods you can apply to find the name of that song playing in the background without even knowing the lyrics of that song.

Identify Song Name From your Smartphone

This is very common nowadays to carry a smartphone wherever we go. If we could use our smartphone to find the song name is playing at a public place, that would be awesome. And the good thing is you can do that easily. Here are two popular methods you can use for this purpose.

1. Shazam

Shazam is a music discovery app which lets you track the song that is playing in the background. This app is supported by many platforms, including Android and iOS – two popular mobile OS platform. You can download the app for free from the official app store for Android and iOS.

To find a song name, open the app and tap on the big Shazam button and point your phone towards the audio source. Within a few seconds, Shazam will be able to tell you the name of the song that is playing with the direct streaming link.

2. Google Assistant/Siri

Smartphone virtual assistants like Google Assistant for Android or Siri for iOS are getting better every year. These virtual assistants are now smart enough to help you with many things that you do daily. Now you can ask your virtual assistant to recognize the song playing in the background. Simple commands like ‘What song is this,’ or ‘What is currently playing.’ which activate the mode where your virtual assistant will listen to the song and tell you what it is. For this to work, you do not need to install any app; your virtual assistant is already active on your phone.

Find the Song By Singing or Humming

This is another popular method that you can apply to find a song, especially when you couldn’t use the mobile app for some reason.

1. Midomi

Midomi is an online platform which lets you identify a song by singing for a short duration or by just humming. This is helpful, especially when you don’t know the lyrics, but you can make out what the tune was. By humming, Midomi will be able to tell you what song you are looking for. The system is not as perfect as other methods largely because this engine relies heavily on your input. And we human beings are known to mess up things.

Midomi is a free tool which you can access from or by downloading the app for Android and iOS.

Ask People to Help Identify The Song

Machines, AI, Machine Learning, all these are good, but sometimes humans are what you need to solve. The good old human brain is what will help you find that song.

1. WatZatSong


WatZatSong is a ‘song naming community’ where community members will help you name the song you want to listen so badly. This community is made up of real humans from around the who are interested in songs. Just record a short clip of the song or sing/hum the tune and post in the forum. Passionate music lovers all around the world will try to help you find that song for you.

2. Twitter/Facebook/Instagram

We all use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram every day. These are the best mode to get connected to all the friends and family members. You can use this platform to find the song. You can post a short recording of that song or you humming and if anyone knows the song can help you find the name of that song. The power of social media is not something to undermine. So give this mode of song recognition try and see for your self.

These are all the best methods to find the name of that beautiful song playing in the market. Most of these methods don’t even require for you to know the lyrics. Hope you enjoyed the post. How about a share? We would appreciate your effort.