What to use to teach Science to students?

Science is one of the most important subject to teach to students. It was important and it will be important because it is the subject which tells a person that how his or her body works and how this world is being operated which help them to have healthy lifestyle and expectations. 

However, as the days and centuries are passing, it is seen that students have reduction in the interest in science. 

There are so many reasons of it but one of them is way of teaching. 

Majority of the schools teach science by giving them lecture, like in 18th and 20th century, which is not suitable for kids of 21st century who are more informed and smarter than previous generations due to which they are more eager to talk and share their opinions and knowledge but ignorance of this fact has reduced their interest. That’s the reason why children, now, hate schools!

Thus, there is need to change the way. Instead of lecturing, there is need to have discussion on every topic to make the class interesting and learn-full. 

Although, kids are genius, teachers know what students don’t know. Therefore, there is requiremet to have dominance of teachers. To keep dominant and be their elder, help them out in different ways. Provide them:

  • Videos and pictures: Students always want visual representation of everything they are learning and the best way to give them that visual representation is to show them videos of the topics you are teaching.
    For example, you can teach them digestive system by showing them videos on Youtube or by making them download specific applications in which the pictures and videos would be three dimensional which can paint the whole picture of system in their minds.
  • Worksheets: You can even give them worksheets to test their understandings and how much they have memorised. Besides this you can give them laminated one-page documents in which there would be main points of the topic you are teaching them.
    For example, you can give them laminated paper in which there would be the pictorial explanation of germination.

Besides this, you can give them bind papers that can be brought in through a binding machine in Dubai and acquire the services of lamination machine suppliers in Dubai for files in which there would be worksheets and easy-to-understand explanation of everything, you have taught.


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