Traditional clothes in Dubai

Dubai is a place for everyone to live fully because

  1. It is multi-cultural: People of different nationality live there
  2. It has freedom: You would not be questioned that what you are wearing or eating. You can do what you want to do unless it won’t harm others, and
  3. It has lifestyle: Malls, restaurants and five star hotels are present everywhere which are favorites of everyone who wish to go there.

In such places, do you think is it difficult to live and follow your traditions?  Obviously not! Dubai provides free space to everyone to follow their traditions while ensuring that it does not harm another person.

Traditions are defined by clothes, food, language,  body language and personality. Yet, clothes and food are main thing and both of them are available in Dubai because there are communities for each nationality which are set by the nationalities themselves to follow their way of living peacefully without making anyone disturbed with it. Besides these communities, there are branches if different shopping malls of their countries in UAE like there is branch of Nishat Linen,  Victoria Secret and Mirraw in Dubai. These shops have clothes what they sell in their main branches like Nishat Linen has Kurtis, Kurta and unstitched suites for females. Similarly, mirraw has large collection of Sarees and Kurtis. These shops, moreover, give option of online purchase as well.  All you need is to type “Kurta online UAE” on Google and you will get the names of these shops in outcome. There are further shops of Dubai too like

  1. Mall of the Emirates
  2. Splash Fashion
  3. Max fashion and so on.

However, you can also prepare cart on:

  1. Amazon
  2. AliBaba
  3. Ali Express and others.

They have variety and shipping services too, although the first two charge shipping fees while Ali Express’s shipping is free of cost.

However, whether you buy online or go on shops to buy jalabiya or kurta, be careful because at shops you can be fooled and at online stores you can get so thing different from what you want. So, dear users, if you are thinking about Dubai jalabiya online shops then consult Amazon and Ali Baba, but preference should be given to physical shops so that you can get what you actually see.  Hope, you will get best kurtas and jalabiyas.


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