What is the ideal routine?

Ideal routine can never keep you away from winning the race of life. It will always keep you in front and let you win from initial because it is the routine that decides your mindset and thought process. If you want to have your own apartments for sale in jvc or San Francisco, then idiotic routine which is based on emotions won’t work. You need to be logical and for this you need to have following routine:

  1. Wake early: It is a famous quote early to bed, early to rise make a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Waking up earlier gives you some hours for yourself. It can give you some me-time. Use this time to do exercise and have breakfast. If you can manage then have bath too but the most important thing to do is to plan your schedule of your whole day in this time.
  2. Eight hours of work: If you are employee or employer or owner of any start-up then go there at 7 to 8 am and work there for eight hours but keep yourself healthy. Work attentively and with focus to accomplish the task on time.
  3. Lunch: While at work, do not forget to have lunch on time. Lunch should be less heavier than breakfast but heavier than dinner. It should have all nutrients and energy which your body needs.
  4. Brunch: Don’t have a complete brunch or evening snacks with your friends at office but keep bars and digestive biscuits in bag.
  5. Relax: After coming back from work, have some relax and me-time again to give some break to your mind and body. Watch movies and series in that time. Read book too.
  6. Dinner: After this time have dinner. Dinner should be simple and healthy. It will be better to have your dinner by 9 pm.
  7. Sleep early: Have eight hours of sound sleep every night because your body and mind right hours to refresh themselves for another day. It is good to go to bed at 10 pm. If you love to sleep late, then try to sleep a little earlier each day because little sleep or sleeping late at night is not good for health. Various diseases can diagnosed in your body due to it.

So, this is the ideal routine which can lead you to high mountains and their peak! So click this site of amazing routine and have a successful life.


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