5 minute foods

Whether you are a person who has checkups in Hollywood smile clinic Dubai or you are looking for root canal Dubai but one thing is common that we all need food and recipes which can be prepared within 5 minutes.

However there are few of such foods and recipes. They are easy to make. And they are cheaper as well. Some of them are:

  1. Mac n Cheese pasta: It is too easy to make. You need to boil just a cup of pasta. You can do this in microwave. After boiling, add lots of Mozzarella and cheddar cheese in it. Add milk as well then cook it in microwave for two to three minutes. Your pasta is ready. Have it with drink or alone.
  2. Nutella toast: If you have sweet tooth then it is for you. Spread Nutella on bread entirely and then toast it in pan from both sides. The roasting will engrave the chocolate inside and make the bread scrumptious. Have it with milk and make the breakfast pleasing.
  3. Mug omlette: To have wholesome meal fast, put an egg in cup. Add numerous vegetables present at home in it with pepper and salt and salt. Mix all of them. Keep the mug in microwave for two minutes. Your omelette is ready. You can have it with the help of spoon or fork. You can even have it with bread and butter or fresh juice to make it more palatable.
  4. Sandwich: use your sandwich maker. Place cabbage leaf, already veggie and Patty or sausage on bread. Keep another slice of bread over it and place it in sandwich maker. It will do rest of the work. Your sandwich us ready. Try to red or brown it a little to make little crunchy and more delicious. You can sprinkle a spice on it to make it flavor-full.
  5. Nutella cake: It us not cake in actual. It us a cake like thing. To make it you need to beat an egg and a cup of nutella in a bigger cup and bake it in microwave for two to three minutes. Your cake like thing is ready. Sprinkle icing sugar on it and have it with milk.

Smoothie: It is super easy to make. Just put milk, bananas and your favorite fruits in mixer and mix all of them. A thick paste like liquor will be ready. This is smoothie. Have it with fruit salad.


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